The brand MOTYX meets the needs of ALL automotive market. The core business is represented by the distribution of a multiplicity of accessories, satisfying the requirements of different application areas: from the chemical line, to accessories and tools, up to individual protection devices.

The MOTYX brand strategy have the intention to create long term partnership with the customers, placing itself as a reliable support for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities of the automotive world.

Motyx adopts an operating model intrinsically oriented to prevent the requests and needs of the customer, and able to carry out scouting and market benchmarking, through a consolidated link with the major vendors and an important R&D activity.

Motyx is the new brand of the Maurelli Group, an international LEADER in the distribution of spare parts for trucks & trailers.

The Maurelli Group, based in Capua, has its roots in a long family tradition. The father of Dr. Giacomo Maurelli, Group director today, over forty years ago, was in fact a spare parts representative. Giacomo Maurelli has therefore decided to follow in his father’s footsteps, succeeding in transforming an activity of representation into a leading company in the sector.

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Motyx is synonymous of quality and innovation. With particular attention to the reliability. Motyx products are selected and subjected to rigorous tests before to reach the  quality certificate in compliance with the most stringent safety and environmental protection and user health regulations.


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